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          Mahiyangana is home to the Veddhasknown as "Vannilaetto", meaning people of the forest who are in fact on the list of the world,s primitive tribes and considered to be the descendants of the Yaksa and Naga Gothra that inhabited Sri Lanka thousands of years ago Located 185 kilometers from the capital Colombo on the South East region of Matale,this dry historic yet highly developed town, is rich in agriculture and livestock farming. The Mahaweli River water is diverted to Mahiyangana, to enable farmers to do their cultivation which is a main source of income to the community
          Mahiyangana is a town in Badulla District, Uva Province of Sri Lanka. Lord Buddha's first visit to Sri Lanka was to Mahiyangana.It is the land of the veddahs "aborigens" dating to the visit of the buddha to Sri Lanka to stop the war between the race of yakksas (demons)n and the race nagas (serpents); where the buddha preaced the grand monument was erected the dagaba while buddha was living; Bintenna was the village called by the veddha land it relates to the story of first habittents of the sinhala race dating to five hundred years BC where kuveni the chif of demons marries the prince of India (the son of the king sinhabahu, vijaya was the prince)and gives birth two children girl and a boy,and they have children and they are called the first veddhas
          The name Mahiyangana (also known as Bintenna) means the flat land. It is situated eastwards to the steep eastern falls of central hills. A person travelling on Kandy - Padiyathalawa road can clearly see the flatness of the area.
          Situated at a great location by Mahaweli river Mahiyangana provide access several National parks, Bird watiching Locations and Sanctuaries. Mahiyangana Rajmaha Viharaya, Sorabora Wewa Tank, Dambana Veddhas,Ulhitiya Wewa, Minipe, Randenigala, Maduruoya, Wasgomuwa are major Attractions here
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